Term Life Insurance


Good stewardship includes life planning to ensure your family’s financial security.

  • Will your family be able to pay for your funeral costs?
  • Will they have sufficient funds to get them through the hard days after your passing?
  • How will they pay for any possible debts after the funeral?
Property & Casualty Coverage for Churches


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Through term life insurance you can protect your family’s financial future. Rest easy knowing they are taken care of.


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UPCI Minister’s Supplemental
Term Life Insurance

Every credentialed minister residing in the U.S. and Canada are provided a $10,000 group term life insurance policy as part of their benefits. This coverage is included in the minister’s licensure dues.

The $10,000 that comes with being a UPCI credentialed minister does not reduce with age or terminate as long as the dues are being paid.

Property & Casualty Coverage for Churches

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Additional Coverage

(for minister & spouse)

Supplemental Dependent Life

Every individual should have supplemental insurance. The basic $10,000 coverage each minister has is barely enough to cover funeral expenses. Additional coverage is needed to care for the family members left behind. Through the group term life policy underwritten by Securian, ministers can elect additional life insurance to supplement their basic amount. Coverage can be elected for the minister, their spouse, and their children.


All UPCI credentialed ministers are able to enroll in up to $250,000 of supplemental term life insurance. This insurance coverage is purchased in units of $5,000 and the premiums are calculated based on the minister’s age. Benefit reductions to apply based on minister’s age.

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A credentialed minister may purchase supplemental dependent life insurance for their spouses to a maximum of $50,000. The spouse coverage cannot exceed the minister’s total coverage. Spouse’s premium rates are based on the minister’s age and do not reduce due to the age of the spouse, but may reduce based on the age of the minister.

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What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment allows you to enroll in a specified amount of coverage without having to fill out an Evidence of Insurability form. This means that questions regarding the minister’s and spouse’s medical history are not required during an open enrollment. The insurance enrolled in during an open enrollment is guaranteed to the minister.

Newly Credentialed ministers

A newly credentialed minister is eligible for an open enrollment in up to $100,000 of supplemental term life insurance within 90 days from the date of their license certification. Dependent/Spouse coverage is available to a maximum of $50,000 but must not exceed what the minister is enrolled in.

Next open enrollment

UISI’s current open enrollment offering is September 15 – October 15, 2023. This
year’s open enrollment is only being offered to our Canadian ministers. Canadian ministers can enroll in up to $100,000 and their spouses up to $50,000 of life insurance coverage–guaranteed issued!

Frequently asked questions

How much life insurance do I need?

The amount of recommended coverage varies based on your unique situation. Your coverage should be enough to pay for funeral costs and any outstanding debts and provide for your family should they lose any income. Have questions? Contact UISI to help determine your life insurance needs.

Do my benefits reduce as I get older?

Our rates are based on age and are subject to benefit reductions and premium increases. At age 70, the supplemental life coverage for U.S. and Canadian ministers reduces by half of the original amount purchased. The amount will reduce thereafter by 50% every 5 years following your 70th birthday. This supplemental coverage will never reduce below $5,000, no matter your age.

Once a minister reaches the age of 70, they may not purchase or increase dependent life insurance. Spouses can keep their current coverage after the minister passes, but they may not increase the amount of coverage they have.

Can I get a policy card?

There are no individual policy cards for group plans; however, verification letters are available upon request. Verification letters contain the amount of insurance one has, the group policy number, as well as the name of the underwriter.

Can I pay my insurance premium online?

Yes. Check out this form.

Can my benefits pay the funeral home directly?

Yes. Beneficiaries can do assignments with the funeral home, so the benefits go directly toward the funeral costs.

Does my policy have cash value?

This policy has no cash value and is payable only in the event of death.

Are children covered by this policy?

If dependent coverage is elected for the spouse, any child under the age of 26 is covered by 50% of what the spouse has.

How do I know who I have designated as my beneficiary(s)?
Call us at 636-229-7946 or email us at insurance@upci.org


If you enrolled in Universal Life, Critical Illness, or Accident plans, we have an important message for you! To activate your benefits, you will need to verify your payment details by signing into the paylogix portal. You can access login instructions here.