Universal Life Insurance

One policy.

Two benefits.

You can’t predict the future, but you can prepare for it. Help protect what matters most and get universal life insurance with a long-term care rider.

  • Are you prepared for the financial impact of long-term care needs?
  • Do you need a flexible insurance plan that cares for you now and provides your family financial security after your passing?
Property & Casualty Coverage for Churches

Interested in Universal life insurance?

Universal Life Insurance premiums never increase and your coverage never expires. It works while you’re alive and after you’re gone.

Life Insurance

for Life


On top of the traditional death benefit, the long-term care rider allows you to borrow against the cash value to help pay for costs associated with your long-term care needs. A portion of the permanent life death benefit is accelerated to you when certain conditions are met.

Property & Casualty Coverage for Churches

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Universal coverage for you

Guaranteed Issue

This policy is guaranteed issue for ministers aged 18-80 for up to $200,000.


Available for spouses (age 18-65):

    • not actively working – $15,000
    • actively working – $20,000

Available for children (15 days old- 26):

    • up to $20,000 in term life
    • up to $25,000 in universal life
Long-Term Care Rider

The long-term care rider pays a monthly benefit when the insured has qualified long-term care service expenses. This can include chronic illness, confinement to a nursing home/assisted living/home health/adult daycare. (Requiring that two ADLs cannot be completed for a time period of 90 days without assistance.) For more information and definitions, visit the National Institute of Health website.

    • Accelerated benefit of 4% while still maintaining the face value of the insurance policy (when confined to nursing facility of assisted living).
Additional Riders (no additional cost)
    • Extension of Benefits
    • Death Benefit Restoration
    • Accumulates Cash Value
    • Accelerated Death Benefit

How to file a self administered claim

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What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment allows you to enroll in a specified amount of coverage without having to fill out an Evidence of Insurability form. This means that questions regarding the minister’s and spouse’s medical history are not required during an open enrollment. The insurance enrolled in during an open enrollment is guaranteed to the minister.

How to enroll after open enrollment

Did you miss open enrollment? No worries, by clicking the link below, you can go to our online enrollment portal, answer a few medical questions, and submit for enrollment. This is not guaranteed issue, but may allow you to qualify for this policy. 

Frequently asked questions

How much life insurance do I need?

Your unique situation determines your specific insurance needs. We recommend considering the cost of elder care, funeral costs, outstanding debts, and the provision of your families finances should their income decrease. If you have questions, Contact us! We’re here to assist you!

Do my benefits reduce as I get older?

Once you have enrolled, you are locked into your premium as well as your coverage amount. These amounts do not automatically increase or decrease. If you wish to enroll in additional coverage, your premium will match that of what you are enrolling in. With additional questions, feel free to contact us!

How do I pay my insurance premium?

Through Forrester Benefits, the broker of our Universal Life plan, you are able to enroll in an autodraft of payments. For any additional questions, Contact us.

How does the Long-Term Care rider affect my plan?

After you are qualified for Long Term Care Services, benefit payments from the LTC rider are deducted from the initial death benefit to cover your care. Through the Benefit Restoration Rider, the entirety of the death benefit value is restored equal to the policy’s one-time face value death benefit.

This means that if you get sick and can’t take care of yourself, part of the face value of your life insurance plan will be distributed to you to cover the associated costs. Through the restoration rider, the amount taken from your life insurance plan will be restored to its initial value.

How do I know who I have designated as my beneficiary(s)?

You can access your account through Forrester Benefits at this link to view your beneficiary information. Call us at 636-229-7946 or email us at insurance@upci.org