Senior Medical Plan

Today’s seniors are facing the reality that they need supplemental coverage to best control their medical costs.

That’s why 9/10 Americans who are enrolled in Medicare have some form of supplemental coverage.

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of Americans on Medicare have supplemental coverage

Traditional Medicare coverage is not enough

Beneficiaries in traditional medicare with no supplemental coverage are fully exposedto Medicare's cost-sharing requirements.

What is it?

Voluntary Group Senior Medical Plan is an add-on benefit that extends your traditional Medicare coverage

While Medicare covers a great deal, it can be limited. Our Voluntary Group Senior Medical Plan helps to fill in the gaps where your existing Medicare plan falls short.

Who is eligible?

U.S. Based UPCI Ministers age 65+ who are enrolled in Medicare* and their Medicare eligible spouses.
* Not available to Missionaries, Canadian Ministers, or U.S. Ministers who are full-time residents of Florida or any type resident of Washington

How does it work

The Senior Medical plan works like a Medicare Supplement plan where Medicare pays first. This plan would cover all or some of the expenses not covered by Medicare.

What are the rates

The total monthly cost for your coverage is per person per month and is based on each person’s age. Benistar bills monthly and can set up an automatic deduction from your bank account for future payments.

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Medical Plan Overview:

The Hartford Insurance Company has been chosen as the carrier for the group senior medical coverage and rate. The Hartford program integrates with Medicare to cover most of your out-of-pocket expenses. Highlights of this plan are:

No Networks – Freedom to choose providers and hospitals for medical care anywhere within the U.S. that accepts Medicare

Guaranteed Issue – no medical questions

Not subject to Medicare Annual Open Enrollment – you can enroll now

Foreign Travel Benefits

The Hartford works seamlessly with Medicare, claims are processed electronically so you will not have to complete claims forms on Medicare approved claims.

Plan servicing

Plan servicing and administration are provided by Benistar Admin Services, Inc., a specialist in group senior medical health customer service. Once enrolled, you will receive a welcome packet from Benistar Administrative Services with your medical ID card and certificate of coverage.


For more information and to begin the enrollment process:

How can I enroll now?

It’s easy! Use the online form to begin.